Stainless Steel Smart Wearable Ring

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ProductNo SP220429SKM6


  • ProductNo:SP220429SKM6
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Feature:

NFC smart ring application APP; support Android system cell phone NFC function use.

1.Product description: This smart ring is a fashionable wearable electronic product that connects with cell phone through nfc wireless radio frequency communication technology to perform cell phone function operation and share data, without any power supply, while having high level waterproof performance. Ring built-in nfc chip, you need the phone comes with nfc function to use Oh,

2.Specific operations: smart ring by touching the phone nfc signal area, to achieve the screen tomb unlock; application lock; quick start applications; send read business cards, Web site information and other functions.

3. Instructions for use:

(1) clear check whether the phone has nfc function, usually cell phone nfc switch in the phone's system settings, if the user does not find the phone nfc function and other options, please contact the phone manufacturer after-sales or Baidu search corresponding to the phone model with nfc function, and confirm the phone nfc signal area.

(2) If the phone has nfc function, turn on the nfc switch, search for software about nfc function in the application software market, download the item and install it, and operate according to the tips on the software.

(3) open the downloaded nfc software, according to the tips on the software operation,

(4) because nfc belongs to the near field communication, in reading any task, please be sure to ensure that the ring chip position is right eye close to the cell phone nfc signal area, otherwise it may not be able to read and write normally,. Then according to the cell phone APP, the function operation settings, matching, to establish a quick function application.

(5) support NFC function smart fingerprint password lock, NFC smart time and attendance, need to match, write tag information or number synchronization can be used.

  • Suitable for men and women


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