What is this so cool techwear style?

Techwear style has become one of the most popular wearing styles nowadays.
Many celebrities and street photographers are keen on techwear fashion, but what is this so cool techwear style?
What is techwear clothing?

Some people say that the so-called techwear fashion is the art of acting as a ninja in the city.
"I walked in the hustle and bustle of the city, covered tightly, wearing a peaked cap and a techwear mask, as cool as a cold ninja."
Speaking of the origin of techwear clothing, I have to mention the ninjas of the Sengoku period in Japan. Ninja is a special profession unique to Japan during the Warring States Period. It appeared in the power contending and battlefield as a killer and spy. Due to the combat needs at that time, the basic attire was dark blue or gray and other earth colors.
At the same time, the whole set of techwear clothes contains many pockets to put gunpowder, daily sundries and hidden weapons, etc., and there are pockets for placing items all over the body, which are the basic elements of techwear clothing today.

Representative items of "techwear style" in the clothing field include "techwear vests" and "techwear backpacks", etc. Take the techwear vest as an example. Its texture is lighter than that of a tooling vest. It is made of thinner and lighter chemical fiber materials such as breathable nylon. With exaggerated mechanical details such as buckles, webbing, and zipper pockets, it highlights the sense of function, industry and the future.
But if only the "techwear style" is equal to black + big multi-pockets+ mask + techwear hats + straps, it may be slightly narrower. Nowadays, "Techwear" is a concept, which means that a product has many functions in the design, and the functionality and practicability of the product are put in the first place. Techwear aesthetics is not only popular in the field of clothing, but also attracts attention in the fields of architecture and industrial design.

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