What Is The Cyberpunk Techwear Clothing?

With the rise of The Streetwear Fashion, the techwear clothing brand has received more and more attention, and a new Techwear Fashion trend that emphasizes "all-weather protection" and "flexible mobility" and integrates Cyberpunk dark style has been extended. The coverage has shifted from techwear clothing to techwear shoes, techwear bags and other techwear accessories( including techwear hats, techwear masks and etc ), Techwear style now attracting more and more young people's attention.

The urban techwear style we see are gradually evolved from the early outdoor adventure clothing. Techwear clothing mainly pays attention to its "functionality". The original intention of the design is to respond to various changes in the external environment. Outdoors are mostly reflected in extreme weather or natural disasters, and urban words are reflected in wind, frost, rain and snow. Therefore, the fabric of techwear clothes is very important. Waterproof, wear-resistant and breathable, Warmable are all the basic attributes.

Techwear style dress: The upper body is mostly techwear jackets, Japanese style t-shirts and techwear coats, techwear backpacks, techwear vests and other techwear accessories. The bottom is relatively casual, ranging from techwear cargo pants and techwear shorts. Techwear shoes are also very important, but they are more casual.

Another feature of Techwear Clothing's functionality is that there are many decorations: such as multi-pockets, zippers, buckles and other pendants on the clothing, making it convenient to carry a large number of items or various tools. Of course, multiple pockets and buckles play a more decorative role in urban techwear.

Therefore, we can summarize the appearance characteristics of fully equipped techwear clothing: hood (weatherproof) + a large number of pendants and techwear bags (carrying items and tools) + high-quality fabrics (protection and warmth) + Fixed straps decoration, and so on.

Techwear clothes are generally loose. In terms of color, urban Techwear style is mostly black, and outdoor techwear clothes are mostly camouflage-like brown, and some are bright green or other bright colors that mimic warning colors.

The Techwear Clothing is blowing positively. I believe that this winter, outdoor + practical + futuristic techwear clothing is still one of the hottest trends.