We updated our menu bar! And we are about to announce an Instagram event!

  Recently we noticed that the menu we used before cannot fully describe our product lately and it did cause some issues for our customers.

  Therefore we spent some time working on it and there it is! A brand new menu bar we have presenting today!

  We use two systems to categorise products now: one is product range, such as bottoms/trousers/shorts; the other one is style, this time we put streetwear as a different category.

  We feel so excited about this new menu guide, and we hope we can work on more to satisfy all of you, so there will be updates if needed!

  Last but not least, there will be an Instagram event soon, which involves some discount for participants, so make sure don't miss that! Details will be announced soon. If you haven't followed our Instagram, you can check the website down below or just scroll down the page bottom and click the Instagram logo! We usually post some latest or popular products and new series announcement there, if you feel interested you can smash the follow button there!

  Much appreciated! Peace out!