Tips for Techwear lovers-How to select the Techwear fabrics!

When the weather changes, it will always bring abundant rainfall. It is difficult to think about whether it is "tide", and the weather is getting colder and colder. At this time, the assistance of techwear products is really indispensable. With the gradual integration of techwear style with street fashion, more and more people favor this trendy techwear style. Are you often overwhelmed by dazzled fabrics when buying techwear products? Don't worry, this time we have selected a few of the more common techwear fabrics, hope you can refer to them before you buy a new techwear cloth.

When it comes to techwear clothing fabrics, the most well-known one is GORE-TEX®. GORE-TEX® has an excellent performance in terms of waterproof, windproof, and abrasion resistance, and will provide fabrics of various weights and thicknesses according to the different uses of the single product. In view of the brand's core concept of "GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY", all items produced by GORE-TEX® must be authorized by the company and manufactured on the machines of the designated factory. It can be said to be the greatest insistence on quality and quality.

As far as the techwear fabric industry is concerned, the biggest rival of GORE-TEX® is probably eVent®. Like GORE-TEX®, it uses the permeable membrane on the fabric to make the object waterproof. Therefore, the products produced by the two companies are often compared. It is reported that GORE-TEX® is slightly better in terms of waterproof function, but fans also love the breathability of eVent®. Friends may wish to choose suitable fabrics according to their needs for techwear clothing.

Friends who like sports must know DiAPLEX®. In addition to the most basic waterproof function, the brand's flagship polyester structure is unique. The fabric produced by DiAPLEX® will perform micro-Brownian motion when it touches the skin, allowing the moisture generated by the skin during exercise to escape from the molecules, meeting the athlete's needs for ventilation and perspiration.

Thinsulate™ under the well-known fabric manufacturer 3M is definitely the first choice in winter. Its breathability, water resistance, cold resistance, and featherweight are the favorites of many climbers and the reason why it can stand in the field of performance. The special technology of Thinsulate™ is that extremely fine fibers are interwoven with blending technology. Such an insulation layer set on the clothing can have a great effect. It can reflect the lost body temperature back to the inside of the clothing, preventing loss in a dangerous environment temperature.

I believe you are not unfamiliar with the high-strength nylon fabric developed by DuPont. The superior wear resistance of CORDURA® has even reached the point of tear resistance. This performance has been adopted by the US military. US military manufacturers use CORDURA® fabrics. Some military products have been created, and many techwear-style brands and bags also insist on using CORDURA® fabrics to create seasonal items.

After talking about the techwear fabrics we wear, let's talk about the fabrics used for techwear shoes, which is commonly known as the gold outsole-Vibram®. Originally designed for hiking shoes, they are favored in the future due to their comfortable, non-slip, and wear-resistant characteristics. Well-known footwear brands such as New Balance and Converse's highest branch Addict have also sought Vibram® cooperation.

After seeing these major fabric factories, do you know more about techwear clothing? The editor hopes that after reading this article, customers will not be confused when shopping for techwear clothing and techwear accessories.