The origin of the Techwear Clothing

Speaking of Techwear Fashion, ACRONYM must be the first brand that everyone thinks of. Some people even call it "the originator of techwear fashion." ACRONYM can at best be called the originator of "Contemporary Techwear style."
If you really go back to the source, the ancestors of many techwear styles today should be the ninjas who originated in the Warring States Period in Japan.

The origin of the NINJA element, the ninja is a special occupation unique to the Warring States period in Japan. After passing through the "ninjutsu training" of the special organization in Japan at that time, the ninja appeared as a killer and a spy. Due to the needs of combat at the time, the basic costume color was often used. It is navy. At night when the moon and stars are scarce, they change into gray or brown (early earth tones) attire. There are many pockets in the ninja's jacket, where you can put some gunpowder, sewing needles, and emergency medicine that can't get wet, and there are some daily sundries in the belt. There are usually hidden weapons hidden in the gloves.
There are pockets for placing items all over the body. Isn't this the most basic element of techwear clothing nowadays? Techwear is an extension of CYBERPUNK (cyberpunk). In fact, techwear is only a concept, more of it refers to a style. In terms of color matching, it appears more frequently in black and looks more like large pockets, masks, hats, straps, and other items (designs).

Speaking of this, some people must have doubts, isn't Cyberpunk the utopian ideology of the 1980s and 1990s? Has a relationship with Japanese ninjas again?
At that time, the Japanese ninja was a surreal and mysterious existence for that era. The first level of CYBERPUNK's theme is High-tech meets low life, which is a utopian imaginary existence full of unknown and mysterious. Ninja perfectly conformed to this theme and became the real CYBERPUNKER of that era.
In today's all-encompassing era, information is intricate and complex, pulling and symbiosis. People have various preferences for dressing styles. Some people love the tough and rough American retro, some people like the day trend that pays attention to details, some people like the beauty of tricky logos, and some people love the niche urban techwear style.

However, if the coolest style is not techwear style, I really can't think of any style that can stand on top of the coolest style.