The difference between Techwear Style and Streetwear Style

The essence of Techwear Clothing is a style of wearing that combines outdoor sports and fashion trends, while streetwear style is a clothing style evolved from the development of the streets when American workers are working.

Techwear style is a clothing style based on the sense of future technology. Its style is a dressing style derived from the "cyberpunk" in the novel "Neuromancer" by the science fiction master William Gibson.

Techwear clothing is mostly black and white in color, and the accessories are exaggerated. The most obvious elements are three-dimensional large pockets, long ribbons and techwear vests, techwear masks, techwear hats and other techwear accessories that are also used to create a "faceless" ninja image. Techwear style clothing pays attention to the coexistence of design and functionality. Compared with streetwear style clothing, it is more practical and stylish. In addition, Techwear style clothing is not something that everyone can control.

Streetwear Clothing is an important branch of American retro style. During the 18th and 19th centuries, there were countless American factories, and the work clothes worn by workers every day became the popular streetwear style today.

The colors of streetwear clothing are mostly green and brown. The clothing accessories are simple, the style is simple, and the style is bright. The most obvious element is that the clothes are mostly made of durable tannin and canvas, and the clothing styles are also relatively neat. , It is basically a rectangular structure, which looks very neat and neat. In addition, street style has a wide range of audiences, and there are no restrictions on age and body shape. Men, women and children of all ages can try the street style.