Techwear | Has broken the boundaries between fashion and functionality

Today's Techwear is obviously no longer boring in design.
The birth of the Techwear style comes from the pursuit of compatibility between fashion and outdoor functionality by trend lovers. Sportswear is usually difficult to balance functionality and fashion, but today's techwear does break the boundaries between the two. In today's technology-driven life, why can't the two coexist?
For people who have not been exposed to functional styles, techwear may be like an outdoor garment with many pockets, drawstrings, or vents, but now functional style clothing is more defined in terms of functionality. As technology continues to give mankind new environmentally friendly and technical fabrics, functional clothing has powerful functions, such as breathability, control of body temperature and humidity, etc. And as designers continue to deepen their understanding of functional aesthetics, techwear is obviously no longer boring, and more street fashion.

1) "Graphene" is the strongest fabric ever
KRAKATAU, an outdoor function brand from St. Petersburg, Russia, released a 2021 autumn and winter series catalog showing a series of durable and practical clothing. In keeping with the previous series, the brand continues to use its famous "graphene" fabric technology, which is called "the toughest fabric ever."
Graphene is one of the materials with the best-known strength, has good toughness, and has very good thermal conductivity. It is the carbon element fabric with the best thermal conductivity so far. Therefore, this graphene raw material is often used in clothing that requires high fabrics.
This Techwear jacket is injected with graphene-based windproof materials and can help the wearer control body temperature through unique thermal conductivity. In addition, waterproof sealing strips and the use of professional-grade film to improve the waterproof performance of clothing details, this techwear jacket also has waterproof and windproof and thermal insulation functions, which reflect the functional nature of techwear apparel.

Techwear clothing uses a large number of high-tech environmentally friendly fabrics and production processes. The use of windproof strips and waterproof zippers at the seams of the clothing can greatly improve the windproof and waterproof performance of the clothing, so that each piece of clothing has good outdoor performance.

2) Fabrics of Techwear clothes
The newly launched 2021 autumn and winter series integrates the innovation of fabric technology and the simple design aesthetics so that every Techwear garment will exert its maximum outdoor functionality. The innovation in fabrics lies in the use of some unconventional fabrics, such as the use of tear-resistant fabric coatings as the surface of the clothing, the use of waterproof wool fabrics, and the use of breathable membranes to laminate the clothing lining, and the use of environmentally friendly materials such as bio-fleece. Filling of cotton clothing, etc.
Tyvek® protection grade fabric can provide excellent protection for the wearer against small hazardous particles (including lead, asbestos, etc.). The inherent protection of the fabric itself is designed to improve the protection of the wearer and the durability of the clothing.

The use of innovative fabrics and concise design language are the core features of Techwear apparel. Nowadays, techwear style apparel stands out among many Urban Outdoor apparel styles and is favored by more and more people. 

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