Techwear fashion originated from the evolution of cyberpunk culture

Functional techwear clothing is becoming more and more popular.

  1. What is techwear fashion?

Techwear fashion originated from the evolution of cyberpunk culture. The color of techwear clothing is generally black, and gray is relatively infrequent. The accessory and pocket of techwear clothes are a bit exaggerated. The techwear style is unique and full of futuristic and technology sense.

  1. Color and shape elements of functional techwear clothing:

Techwear brand clothing generally has three colors of black, gray, and white, and some are military green. And black is also the best choice for entry-level fans. Techwear jackets are generally black jackets.

If it's summer, you can change to a simple white t-shirt or wear a cargo vest to match your techwear cargo pants. Try to choose loose black or army green cargo pants.

Why are techwear style pants different from ordinary cargo pants? The most important element is the streamer on the techwear pants. The streamer is longer, and there is a strong sense of vertical line when walking. In addition to the appearance of lines, long streamers also have a high visual aspect. The ribbons are usually in the pockets, knees, waist, etc.

In addition, the long ribbon on the techwear clothes, there are also buckle elements. Most functional garments are designed with multiple pockets. Although this design is very practical, it also adds a visual sense of coolness.

In ordinary work clothes, the pockets are generally on both sides of the thighs, and the jacket is on the chest and abdomen, which is different from the techwear clothing. With this design, whether obese or thin, techwear clothing can create a heavy, punk feeling. The pockets are generally designed on the front chest, hem, arm position, and the common outer thigh, which effectively increases the heaviness and cyberpunk flavor.