"Techwear Fashion" in the form of clothing

With the development of technology, changes in lifestyles, and abnormal changes in the environment and climate, the pursuit of techwear clothing has long been not limited to outdoor brands. Even in the field of streetwear fashion, "Techwear style" also exists in the ideas of various designers. With the trend of techwear clothing trends becoming more and more intense, many apparel brands have begun to focus on "Techwear style" design.

Techwear Club combines minimalism with military and outdoor elements incisively and vividly. The simple design style and the presentation of functional details are the highlights of techwear clothing. As far as techwear clothes are concerned, although the meticulous manufacturing process makes them very attractive and textured, the ingenious functional design is far more interesting than this conventional clothing technology. This techwear jacket combines military and streetwear elements very well. It uses a structured line stitching design, multiple three-dimensional pockets, and durable waterproof fabrics. It greatly improves the practical function of the techwear jacket, and it is three-dimensional and stylish. The tailoring is also irresistible. Techwear Club has always been supported by both functional and avant-garde design. Techwear joggers are made of high-quality materials, combined with functional design. The fusion of street, sports, and futuristic elements makes these techwear clothing refreshing.

Techwear clothing was initially designed to deal with some special environments and special occupations, but what we are now more concerned about should be called "Techwear Fashion"; in the form of clothing, we will learn more from techwear clothing, such as structure, material, The setting and choice of decoration, etc., and the place where the real function is located may be greatly weakened.

There are many things worth mentioning about this techwear coat. First of all, the fabric has an excellent waterproof function; second is the setting of multiple pockets. The conventional insert pocket on the abdomen is the basic setting. The three pockets on the right sleeve and the zipper insert pocket. The first is to ensure the characteristic zipper position, and the insert pocket is to reserve external space. Two external patch pockets can also be made, and the setting of the zipper is also a basic consideration for side leakage. Taking into account the size and volume of daily carry-on objects, the size of the external pockets is distinguished. The front small patch pocket is actually a three-dimensional pocket, but the foot of the bag is crushed to match the rhythm. This is also the reason for the different settings of the flap. The large pocket on the left sleeve is actually a three-dimensional pocket, just because of the structure and the processing method, and its appearance is more conformable and flat. There is enough space in the bag to ensure the practical use of this pocket. Finally, we used the lining cloth to quilt and fix the quilting inside the clothes to ensure the stability of the quilting. The tuck with rubber bands on the sleeves is also worth mentioning. Many on the market have done the same shirring treatment. The difference is that we added an extra structure line to a sleeve and changed the position of the conventional structure line so that this rubber band corresponds to the amount of movement of the human arm's natural forward turning. Make it a real way to take out the shoulder blades of the scapula during wearing.