Recommendation (May 21th, 2021)

This week we do want to share some new-in equipment with you. And also, we have some apparel as usual, and this time we try not to give a combination but only single items, letting you have the choice.

1. A classic thin outwear, which uses color blocks to create a strong visual effect. A thin outwear could dress in summer to protect you from sunburn.

Colorblock string logo jacket hooded flight jacket / Techwear Club / Techwear


2. Also a thin trouser in solid grey. For those not really into shorts like me, I would recommend this type of simple design trouser. It would not be too heavy keeping you wet, it just perfectly makes you feel comfortable. The bottom design is velcro which makes it adjustable.

Fashion casual pocket cargo trousers / Techwear Club / Techwear


3. Functional chest bag in all matte black. It looks really techwear style, and it can fit your small little gadgets.

Tactical bag outdoor sports backpack backpack chest bag / Techwear Club / Techwear


4. Personally my favorite item today, a magnetic buckle belt. It uses magnetic material to build the buckle and you just need to pull the string and it is untied. Super techwear design.

Canvas belt men's trendy overalls with magnetic buckle belt function / Techwear Club / Techwear