Recommendation (May 14th, 2021)

It is mid-May now. This week we do recommend some streetwear combination, due to the upcoming summer hot time.

There are 2 combinations that could be your potential summer picks.

All tops picked use Oriental Mythology as the theme concept to design the graffiti. We believe cross-culture mythology could be a cool concept to help you build your streetwear. You can see one with Samurai, a Japanese warrior with multiple arms standing and using his power. The other one uses cranes, a symbol of good luck in the eastern world, to draw a picture in the ocean. For bottoms, we pick 2 totally different style bottoms letting you have the pick. Casual shorts or exaggerated trousers, all up to you.



Also, do check our latest strapped jeans and trousers. They use some strong straps through the ripped holes to emphasize the street style, which could be potential fashion lately. They fit perfectly with any streetwear tops and sneakers, especially ripped styles.