Kickstart about Techwear

With the end of 2020, techwear was gaining more attention than it used to be. As a dressing style (also life style) combining function and faction, techwear did take a big step into mainstream apparel market.

How we define techwear? There are different definitions from many people, but let’s go back to the vocabulary: it’s wearing technology. Hence, another problem appears: how do we define wearing technology?

Well, in English, we call it techwear. But actually, there are 2 things in this category: technology fabric/design/cut wearing and technology look wearing. Some brands able to produce good technology fabric and design, which sharing pretty boring looking; while other brands make cool look design, using no technology fabrics. We called these 2 techwear, and they are not exactly the same.

Starting with techwear, you definitely need to figure out what kind of techwear you looking for. Are you looking for city living technology (maybe even extreme environment level technology) suit, or cyberpunk ninja style dressing?