Is there a more accurate definition of the popular techwear style?

"Techwear Fashion" is a clothing trend that originated in the cyberpunk culture. In terms of style definition, the accessories of techwear clothing are exaggerated and complicated, and the color matching is mainly dark. The overall clothing design style is bright, with a sense of future and technology. At the same time, the multi-pockets design on the techwear clothing also has super functionality and matches with different metal accessories.
The core of cyberpunk is virtual reality, which describes the problems and puzzles that highly developed science and technology have brought to mankind. In the world of cyberpunk, with the rapid development of high technology and the deteriorating living environment, clothing has become a medium to help humans solve real problems, so functionality has become a characteristic of clothing.
We interpret techwear style clothing from three aspects of clothing design.
The 2021 spring and summer series of techwear clothing continues the consistent Techwear DNA. At the same time, the techwear brand also launched several techwear coats, techwear trousers and other functional and practical items. The series is mainly black in color, adding dark green color details, and different positions of the zippers to create a variety of tailoring and details, allowing daily collocation to maintain practicality. In terms of techwear styles, techwear clothing pursues wearability and functionality, mainly techwear coats, techwear jackets, jackets, and techwear hooded techwear windbreakers, while bottoms are supplemented by classic straight-leg pants and tapered trousers. It is worth noting that the techwear brand Incorporating the essential elements of functional wind power into the style and structure of clothing: functionality.
We can see that the designer distributes functional ingenuity design points in various parts of the techwear clothing, such as the collar that can suck AirPods, the sleeve that can put the mobile phone, the collar that can be freely converted, and the coat becomes " The inner shoulder strap design of the "backpack", as well as the large pockets, hidden buttons, metal zippers, etc. Necessary for Techwear clothing, the design seems to be additive and structural, but it retains a practical low-key style. , Which greatly guarantees the essential function and practicality of the clothing.

The color of techwear style clothing is mainly dark. We can also see it in the spring and summer series. The designer chooses black and white as the main color of the series, supplemented by gray, army green and other colors, and supplemented with clothing by color. The design perfectly transmits the DNA of techwear style.

At the root of the clothing division, Techwear clothing is a category of sportswear dominated by functionality. Brands are particularly strict in the choice of fabrics. We can see the reason from the price. Regardless of design, the brand far surpasses many sportswear brands on the market in terms of fabric control. The high-tech fabrics used include dozens of kinds of GORE-TEX, Schoeller, ETA Proof, Epic Cotton, Storm System, Xpac, etc. So the techwear clothes can be imagined. High mobility, multiple pockets, waterproof and windproof functions are an indispensable part of the brand's DNA. The combination of high-end technical fabrics and techwear clothing design has won high recognition in the market for techwear clothing.

All in all, techwear clothing combines functionality and technology perfectly, as well as the unique rebellious temperament of clothing, allowing the wearer to feel the aura of the protagonist in the "cyberpunk" movie that saves the world on a perceptual level, while the essence of clothing on a rational level. The high degree of wearability brings purchase needs and reasons for customers' life needs, so it has also won the market victory and positive consumer feedback.