How to match the techwear cargo pants

The matching of Techwear Cargo Pants can choose short techwear coats, techwear sweaters, white shirts, and simple knitted sweaters, etc. These clothes can be perfectly matched with techwear pants to form a cool and handsome techwear style.

Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the collocation of techwear pants.

1. Short-sleeves Tee+ Techwear cargo pants
Techwear pants are mostly loose styles with large three-dimensional pockets. Long ribbons are often added to the belt design. Therefore, when matching with short sleeves techwear shirts, it is best to choose slim-fit styles for short sleeves t-shirts. Try to avoid those loose and bulky styles. The matching can play a role in modifying the body lines. At the same time, the combination of the two can also be boldly tried by small girls who like techwear style.

2. Techwear sweater + Techwear joggers
The combination of sweaters and techwear joggers will create a sense of casual leisure streetwear style. Techwear sweatshirts can choose loose and bulky styles, and the loose ones are more casual. At this time, techwear overalls can choose the styles with feet. The styles with feet are usually more self-cultivation and feel more refreshing and neat.

3. Techwear shirt + Techwear trousers

The combination of a shirt and techwear trousers will increase the exquisiteness of the overall shape and give people a sense of elegance and handsome. A shirt is generally a representative of exquisite wear. When paired with techwear trousers, it can balance the ruffians of techwear pants and weaken the sense of distance produced by techwear pants. However, when matching, shirts are best stuffed inside techwear cargo pants, so that the matching will be more advanced without procrastination.