How did the Techwear Style get hot?

In Contemporary Techwear, practicality has always been put in the first place. But it is precise because of its professional production standards and system that this design has become a school of its own, forming the so-called functional aesthetics, and it is favored by the fashion industry, such as Nanamica in Japan, Maharishi in London, etc., which emphasize the sense of urbanism. Brand of light function.
Techwear clothing is characterized by its strong functionality and practicality. The waterproof and warm fabric, the humanized design of multi-functional pockets and strap lining allow people to freely cope with the changing climate of the city.
Another feature is the strong sense of the city, you can imagine wearing it every day and shuttle in the city. As performance becomes more and more of today's fashion trend, there are more and more people in this category.
Maybe in our daily life, we don’t need a very waterproof techwear jacket, nor a warm lining that can withstand temperatures below minus 50, but so what? No need doesn't mean we don't want to have it!
Therefore, the trend of Techwear actually heralds people's beautiful pursuit of a utopian world beyond reality. It is a yearning and longing for the future.
The essence of Techwear Fashion is a trendy attitude with core and thinking or a way of life. It is a concept after dystopian thinking has profoundly influenced design and creativity, and a rational but slightly pessimistic realism. , Mixed with the worship of technology and worries about the future.
If the human world will eventually develop into a wasteland due to the high level of technology, then the only carrier that inherits the wisdom of human survival and future aesthetics will be the techwear style!