Designer Joint Project

  Like what you have been known, Techwear Club has been founded for about one year and had a great year with all of you in 2021. The brand Techwear Club was inspired by all urban utility techwear outfits we love. At the very beginning, we target Techwear Club a brand selling only techwear fashion, but at a relatively lower price, which ensures the highest value in price and quality. We do want to share the style of techwear with everybody, especially those who have a lower budget for something new. Techwear Club could be a good start to the techwear journey.
  In the mid of 2021, we did notice that the audience and customer group of Techwear Club is a group of young people, to be a more specific, group of age 13-24 young generation. We started to adapt some trending elements and fashion into our products, as we started to learn more about the group we associate with. It is a really passionate and inspiring group, which leads more different styles and elements into our design process. Techwear is what we started from but we also want to adapt what our audience and customers like beyond techwear. That is why we added a collection of street fashion and casual kinds of stuff.
  However, sometimes we do struggle to find out the audience and customers’ favorite points. Even though we put efforts into investigating our target audience and customers’ behavior and hobby, we do have some gaps between them. And at the same time, our group might also feel the distance between us and them. We can imagine they got some great ideas about their new clothing but failed to find the clothing in real life. Now you and all our customers have the opportunity to share your voice of our next clothing product’s design. If you have an idea about how your next clothing looks like, don’t have to be the fanciest one of the most well-designed ones, just submit your work, including your favorite clothing category, design elements, and colors, we can make your dream clothing come to real life and become our next on shelf product. Not just that, you might receive a certain percentage of corresponding money rewards if the actual product achieves certain sales numbers.
  For further information please contact  for more details.