Cyberpunk Techwear Clothing: A Veritable Avant-garde Concept

When it comes to the concept of Techwear, many readers must be confused: I know "Tech", and I know what "Wear" means, but putting the two words together... Why doesn't it feel right?

The reason is not complicated. First of all, let us start with the definition of this concept: As a clothing style closely linked to avant-garde fashion trends, Techwear’s official rise is not too long, and a relatively close fashion boom should appear in the autumn of 2016; the reason why "Techwear" is translated into "Mechanical clothes" in China is to a certain extent influenced by the idiom of Taiwan Province. To put it more intuitively, "Means-therefore, in a sense, Techwear can be understood as "functional techwear clothing." However, compared with the techwear jackets commonly worn by IT practitioners in our daily life, although Techwear emphasizes "functionality", it does not include the common performance of mountaineering wear such as windproof, waterproof, breathable and moisture-repellent. Too much design is invested, and instead, a lot of effort has been put into storage, carrying and related needs based on the wearer's EDC equipment (especially electronic equipment). In the end, the Techwear presented to us showed the following characteristics:

The fabric material of techwear clothing, the flexible version that is convenient for sports, plus the complicated and exaggerated multi-pockets and straps, is labels of the Techwear style in the eyes of the public. Compared with the mainstream trendy brands of daily life, Techwear is undoubtedly too low-key in terms of color matching. ; Compared with traditional formal wear, Techwear is more individualized in design; and compared with professional-grade outerwear for wilderness activities, Techwear naturally appears to have more than specific functions in terms of structure and lack of overall simplicity. In a word, use a Tag to summarize Techwear, that is, "Urban Cyberpunk Techwear".

Techwear clothing is not only full of personality in style, but also full of practicality in terms of functional characteristics.